It is hard to see the structure when you are a part of that same structure.











Something in return means when you have:

  • a white spot, dswwt has a mirror in return
  • your view on reality, dswwt has an alternative in return
  • an inside-out view, dswwt starts viewing from your client outside-in in return
  • found yourself in a relative part of chaos, dswwt brings you in a considerable part of structure in return
  • no clue where to start, dswwt handles this part by part in return
  • departments in confusion, dswwt brings consensus in return
  • a management having hidden discussions, dswwt builds support starting from the bottom up in return
  • IT operating below sea level, dswwt opens it up in workshops in return
  • employees sharing their problems, dswwt makes them become part of the solution in return

and especially

  • worries about suppliers’ distinctive price, dswwt makes sure you get a distinctive result in return

In short, you may expect the world in return when hiring dswwt.



Dutch, German

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